Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bus Stop

The first concept image.

At the first meeting of this semester, we got the information that 
we have to decide to join a competition or have a work experience. 
Meanwhile, our tutor suggest the three competition we can join.
 Before we meeting, I was fascinated by  a simple animation by David Shrigley. 
Therefore, I tried to make my short animation with this style and make it funny. 
The image of a men waiting for a bus just came to my mind.

Laundry by David Shrigley.

Character and object design.

The brief of the competition is showing your image of the future.
In my idea, it won't be a huge change in the future.
People still need to wait for the bus, and everything just same as usual.
The only thing has been changed is everything started to fly except human beings.
What will it be if everything started to fly is the idea I want to tell.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Evaluation of the first animation practice in MA

 In the method project, we have to make a short animation with a character and a chair. I have
to design of the age of my character and the chair. At the begin, I was thinking to set the age
of the character is a young age girl, because I want to challenge myself to make a character
whose age and gender is very different than me. However, I found a lot of old lady models on
the bus I take to school every day. Therefore, I change my design for the character to a lovely
old lady, and set the background in my experience of my grandmother. At the same time, I tried
to find a traditional chair design to match the character, and I found a design of waving chair
in the book. Thus, the design of my method project will focus on an old lady with a Chinese
traditional waving chair.

The second character design

Final character design and chair design

Chair design and background design

The Character movement design

Friday, 30 November 2012

Final Exhibition in UCA pre-sessional course

This is a group work in my Pre-sessional course in UCA.
In the end of this course, each group have to show a work inspiration by Olympic Games,
What my group work is make a stop motion film, and play it in two screens.

The storyboard about the short film

We use a British rock band - Two Door Cinema Club's song,
and put the sports we like into the film.
The whole story it's about a girl face a lots of strange people when she's jagging.

We spend four days shooting in the park which is near the campus.
At the same time, we meet a lots people interested about our work.
Moreover, some kids just joined us :)

We also need to do a decoration to show our work and concept.
Therefore, we made a running path and put a model's leg on the wall.
Because in the film's end, people will running out of the screen,
and we trying to make our decoration related out short film,
also our group name "CIRCLES".

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Inspiration of Iron Legacy

Iron Legacy - concept art

This is a homework for Game designing class. I wanted to do a RPG game like Final Fantasy.

The concept of this homework came from a little plan which I and my friends made privately.

Every one of us should design a “country” with different culture and story.

But every “country” must be under the same background setting we had made.

I designed a Kingdom which was composed by a giant meteorite.

And, people who lived in the Kingdom, their life style was affected by the material also the gravity of the Meteorite.

Besides of the Meteorite Kingdom, I designed few cities with distinctive culture for it.

這是一項遊戲企劃課程所做的作業,我的構想為一個類似Final Fantasy的RPG遊戲,






Friday, 9 December 2011

I got the power

Iron Legacy character setting

I personally prefer the flow in the air, so I always let my character wear the wide outfit.

It made my characters more breezy and spirited.